Changing life at 50 with wine!

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Changing life at 50 with wine! The story of Savio and Elisabetta Dominici, a couple with passion for wine and the dream of starting a winery in Monferrato. As everybody knows wine improves with age, but also dreams! Savio and Elisabetta have waited and “aged” their vision in oak barrels. Savio always expressed his wish to change his life and dedicate himself to wine making. For this reason he has been named “A l’è Mat”, that in piedmontese dialect means “He is crazy!”. It seems that this family was destined to follow this path, actually ALEMAT is also the connection of their sons’ names: Alessandro (ALE) and Matteo (MAT). But you know, to mention a sentence of a famous fairy tale hat maker: “All the best people are crazy” and ALEMAT are proving it! Helped by a very good winemaker and by a famous oenologist they just launched four projects named Emilio, Brunaldo, Praie and Augusta and they are quickly gaining popularity among a large audience of passionates and specialists in the wine world. Their story hits all dreamers and La Stampa newspaper decided to make a piece on them at the last Vinitaly, the most important wine exhibition held in Verona every year.

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