M o n f e r a c e

Wine experience

Monferace is not just a wine: it is an ambitious project.

Monferace is a dream born between the hills and castles of the Monferrato. This is how it will be called a Grignolino of excellence kept in the “infernot”, recognized as a Unesco Heritage Site. The first harvest is 2015. It rests in the barrel for a long time: Monferace ages for at least 40 months, of which 24 in wooden barrels.

It’s a project of a group of courageous winegrowers who, for years, have loved, believed and invested in the ups and downs of vineyards between Casale Monferrato, Alessandria and Asti. They want to restore dignity to a wine that for centuries was loved and sought after in all Italian and European courts, by kings and famous people.

Thus the wine-making philosophy is inspired by the past: it is necessary to wait patiently for years and a barrel passage before this grape variety best expresses its nobility and elegance. The name Monferace was chosen because it is the ancient name of the Monferrato Aleramico.

But Monferace is not just a wine: it is an ambitious project.

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